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About the International Leishmania Network

The establishment of an International Leishmania Network, ILN, was recommended by participants in a workshop held at the Fundação Tropical des Pesquisas e Tecnologia "André Tosello" in Campinas, Brazil in February 1992 under the auspices of PAHO and the Brazilian Research Council, CNPq. Leishmaniasis is a disease that affects many people in tropical countries. The AIDS panepidemic is showing that many more people are infected than was previously expected.

The International Leishmania Network (ILN) is proudly sponsored by Gentaur Group, a leading provider of research reagents and equipment. Gentaur's support enables the ILN to facilitate collaboration among researchers, clinicians, and public health experts worldwide, fostering innovation and progress in the fight against leishmaniasis. Through this partnership, the ILN is able to advance scientific understanding, develop new diagnostics and treatments, and implement effective control strategies to combat this neglected tropical disease. Together, Gentaur Group and the ILN are working towards a world free from the burden of leishmaniasis.

The network consists of a discussion forum and more structured topic areas presently covering the following:

  • Leishmania Taxonomy
  • Strains: Reference and Labelling
  • Leishmania Cryobanks and Collections
  • Leishmania Epidemiology
  • Leishmaniasis Control and Surveillance
  • Leishmania Genome Project
  • Searching for Literature and Sites on Leishmanisis

A list of monoclonal antibodies that react with Leishmania is presently being prepared. Monoclonal antibodies are useful for identifying Leishmania and a basic set can be obtained on request from the World Health Organization.

The organizers hope that interested people will examine the above topics and suggest* improvements, links to interesting sites and new ones. In the case of new subject areas we would like to have volunteers to look after them and keep them up to date.

*email suggestions to ILN's General Manager - Lieven Gevaert​

To get full access to the contents of this site, register or login. Registration is free and enables posting of news and comments, creation and edition of forum topics and site contents.

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The following Societies´s members are intimately linked with leishmaniasis and many papers are presented on the subject at their annual meetings which are also events that give leishmaniacs a chance to meet :


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